The Life is a Path.

we are 2 Italians coming from India where we were living.
We were there as volunteers in a special village named Auroville that is a really a unique experiment in the world. We were effective citizends of the village having the aurovillian status.
Every year, thousand people are coming from all over the world to help in some way this huge experiment of new way to build the life in a place where there is not property, there are no circulation of money but everything is a sharing.

We spread out our Italian culture in various ways. We started out as volunteers at the village social restaurant and then went on to produce various Italian recipes in jars.
We then entered the Italian Pavilion helping to organize cultural events such as musical concerts, painting exhibitions, new-age artists.

We have made a long journey practicing yoga and studying the thought of the founding Masters of Auroville but also studying the ancient indian spiritual culture.

Living in India is a real challenge because of the high temperatures and the very high humidity! This was the main reason why we decided to come back to Europe.

We fell in love with the Netherlands on a trip and on 2018 we came to live in Utrecht. We offer our culture and experience about our love for food as e way to share life! We’ll offer you the best street Italian food at the Festival Foods or markets where we go around the Netherlands.

If your Birthday is falling on the day we are in a market, you’ll have a food gift for free along our Best Wishes for your future! The day we are born is quite an important moment in our life! It was a moment in which, the door to this world was open to us and every year is important to spent some moment to think of it. That moment was like a seed in which your whole life was contained.

This area of the website it’ll be a Blog where we’ll write sometimes about our life in India or even before just to share what we think it could be useful for someone.

Stefano & Stefania

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